W3 Monitoring and Evaluation Tools

We have been working with Harm Reduction Victoria and Living Positive Victoria to develop indicators and tools to monitor and evaluate the quality and impact of peer led programs. This includes the W3 functions of Engagement, Alignment, Adaptation, and Influence, as well as key elements such as Peer Skill, Practitioner Learning and Organisational Knowledge Practices

To maintain our commitment to sharing as quickly as we can, over the coming weeks we will be uploading examples of these tools. Later we will be uploading a full tool kit of all the tools and how they can be used and adapted.

Peer Workshops

Living Positive Victoria

Below are examples of the tools used to gather feedback from peer facilitators and participants of the  Phoenix workshops for women and gay and bisexual men newly diagnosed with HIV, the HIV and Ageing Project for chronic health self-management and peer networking, and the Positive Leadership Development Institute Australia (PLDI) and New Zealand workshops.

For a description of the development of these tools see the blog post by Tim Krulic

In coming weeks we will provide more example tools, details about the use of the tools, and how they can be adapted.

Facilitator Completed Evaluation Tools

These are examples of the monitoring and feedback forms completed by facilitators  after workshops.

Post-Workshop Evaluation Tool

Community Profile Tool

Participant Completed Evaluation Forms

These are examples of the evaluation forms completed by participants prior, during and after workshops.

Pre-workshop Impact Survey (Coming Soon)

Workshop Evaluation Form (Coming Soon)

Post-Workshop Impact Survey (Coming Soon)