The W3 Project has been developed over two distinct stages:  Stage 1 (2014-16), which focused on the development of the W3 Framework and indicators and Stage 2 (2016-19), which focused on developing and trialing evaluation and monitoring tools.

W3 Stage 1 (2014-2016)

In its first stage, W3 was funded by the Commonwealth government and collaborated with ten peer-led organisations. 

Our partner organisations for W3 Stage 1 were:

  • Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)
  • Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL)
  • Harm Reduction Victoria
  • Living Positive Victoria
  • National Association of People Living with HIV Australia (NAPWHA)
  • Positive Life NSW
  • Queensland Positive People
  • Scarlet Alliance – Australian Sex Workers Association
  • Victorian AIDS Council
  • Peer Based Harm Reduction WA (formerly Western Australian Substance Users Association)

This phase had three objectives:

  • develop a better understanding of how peer-based programs work
  • establish a framework to evaluate the role and contribution of peer-based programs
  • develop methods to best capture and share insights from practice

A series of 18 workshops were held with the collaborating organisations and over 90 people participated.

The outcome of these workshops was the development of draft indicators for peer-led programs working with people living with HIV, people who inject drugs and gay men and other men who have sex with men.

The use of systems-thinking in this phase showed that the way communities respond, enhance, adapt, resist or ignore, interventions are part of peer-based programs and is something that should be leveraged.

This approach understands peer-based programs, and the communities and policy environments they engage with, as complex adapting systems.

More details on this phase are available in a full report and summary report.

W3 Stage 2 (2016-19)

The second stage of W3 began with the signing of a 3-year partnership agreement between ARCSHS, Harm Reduction Victoria and Living Positive Victoria and continued funding from the Australian Commonwealth government.

W3 Stage 2 signing photo

Signing of the W3 Project Collaboration Agreement between ARCSHS, Harm Reduction Victoria and Living Positive Victoria : Back row – Graham Brown (ARCSHS), Steph Tzanetis (Harm Reduction Victoria), Brent Allan (Living Positive Victoria), Front Row – Charles Henderson (Harm Reduction Victoria) and Tim Krulic (Living Positive Victoria)

This partnership agreement supports the W3 framework to be implemented at an organisational level.  The partnership’s focus is to develop practical tools and approaches that evaluate and help improve the impact and quality of programs, as well as support sharing of real-time knowledge with the broader community and policy systems.

Partnering organisations have been implementing W3 in their organisations for 18 months.  An impact analysis in early 2019 has found that the W3 Framework is helping organisations to:

Read more about how the W3 Framework has been implemented and its impacts here.

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