Moments of creativity and connection — Supporting people living with HIV during COVID-19

About the Author

Timothy Krulic is a health promotion officer at Living Positive Victoria and PhD candidate at ARCSHS

Living Positive Victoria is a peer-led organisation. They provide support and services for people in Victoria who are living with, or affected by, HIV. Timothy produces health promotion content for members and works across peer education, support, research, and evaluation.

Peer-led organisations are highly responsive to their communities’ needs. This is because most staff and leadership are community members — peers. As the W3 Framework shows us, peer skill is central to a peer-led organisation’s work. It drives their ability to stay closely attuned — and adapt so effectively — to their communities’ changing needs. We have seen a lot of this since the start of COVID-19.

We invited Timothy to share his insights on the impacts of COVID-19 lockdowns on people living with HIV. His post is a heart-warming testament to how critical peer-led responses are in times like these.

Adaptation Engagement