When virus responses collide — How Australia’s Victorian HIV and hepatitis sector is adapting to COVID-19

About the Author

Jen Johnson is the Program Coordinator of ARCSHS’ Blood-Borne Virus (BBV) Sector Development Program.

The BBV Sector Development Program works to support and strengthen the Victorian BBV workforce to meet the challenges of elimination targets, new prevention technologies, and scaling up testing and treatment.

Jen has been interviewing leaders from peer and community organisations across the sector since the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown. We invited her to share her reflections about how the community sector has been engaging, adapting, and influencing its way through COVID-19.

Adaptation Engagement

Useful Links

Here are some resources that have influenced the development of the W3 Project. We will be adding more over time, and do welcome suggestions.

Better Evaluation – An international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory by sharing information about options (methods or tools) and approaches. (International)

CEIPS: The Centre of Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science – private, not-for-profit; aims to advance the science of systems thinking and its application to population health improvement. (Aust)

DECIPHer: Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement – focuses on the development and evaluation of complex interventions and policies to achieve sustainable improvements in the health and wellbeing of the public, with a particular emphasis on children and young people. (UK)

Equiate: Solving Social Problems – works to solve social problems by facilitating change processes in organizations and communities. (Canada)

Quality Action –¬†aims to increase the effectiveness of HIV prevention in Europe by using practical Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI) tools. (Europe)


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