Pre W3 Work

Early Conceptualising of the W3 Project

This concept poster draw on the REACH Project, ESAPP Project and QualityAction in Europe

Early W3 Project Concept Poster


Evidence Synthesis and Application for Policy and Practice (ESAPP) Project (2012-2013)

In light of the changing prevention landscape and resurgent and emergent epidemics in Australia and internationally it is essential that the different levels of HIV prevention and health promotion work in unison and are evaluated in unison. With these challenges in mind, the ESAPP project undertook to:

 Identify the areas of HIV prevention where the published evidence of effectiveness and quality practice is most, moderately, or least developed
 Identify the monitoring and evaluation methods used in day-to-day practice in community organisations to contribute to that evidence (Australia and similar epidemics)
 Review capacity-building approaches in Australia and internationally to increase the quality of evidence being developed in community-based HIV health promotion
 Develop a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning and Quality Improvement framework for community HIV prevention to support building evidence for policy and practice
 Develop an example application of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework to community-based HIV prevention and health promotion.


ESAPP Full Report July 2013

ESAPP Review Poster

ESAPP Framework Image


REACH Partnership (2011-2012)

Reinvigorating Evidence for Action and Capacity in Community HIV programs
A collaborative research and practice initiative to develop evidence building frameworks, capacity, tools and resources with the Victorian HIV community partnership.

REACH Project Poster

REACH Project-FinalReport-May 2013

REACH Update Autumn 2012