PozQoL : Valuing Quality of Life Among PLHIV

Through our W3 Project and HIV Futures study collaboration with PLHIV peer organisations, it became apparent that HIV peer, community, and healthcare services in Australia needed an empirically validated, short and practical way to PozQoL Broadsheet Cover_Page_1measure quality of life of PLHIV to evaluate the impact of their programs.


The PozQoL study aimed to develop, test and validate such as scale to be easily incorporated into the day-to-day practice of peer, community, and health services.


The full details about PozQoL can be downloaded at here.

We have also developed an interim instructions which can be downloaded here

The short scale is available for use and is currently being piloted in a number of peer and community based organsations.

We will be conducting a full implementation trial across community, peer and health organisations in 2018. For more details contact graham.brown@latrobe.edu.au