Researching peer-led responses — Reflections on 20 years of collaboration, advocacy, and creating change

About the Author

Graham Brown is the Lead Investigator on the W3 Project.

Graham has moved from ARCSHS and is soon starting a new position at the Centre for Social Impact at UNSW. Before he moved, ARCSHS invited him to reflect on his 20 years of collaboration with community and peer-led organisations.

Graham will continue his work with the W3 Project in his new role.


Welcome to Level 4… Please enjoy the view

Well, I for one can hardly believe that it’s been a whole month since I joyously proclaimed, “the blog is back”!

I hope you are enjoying the posts we’ve shared with you. I know that I am loving working with colleagues and peer workers to bring you their stories. It has been remarkable hearing about how peer-led organisations are adapting to the challenges of COVID-19 and helping their communities feel safe and connected.