Building evidence for peer-led responses: From trialling to implementing

Peer-led responses have always responded to change in communities. COVID-19 has shown how quickly peer-led organisations adapt to meet the emerging needs of those in their communities who are most impacted or marginalised.

However, health funding has been re-prioritised in the wake of COVID-19. Resources for peer-led programs are becoming more restricted.

Perhaps more than ever, we need to build evidence for the critical role of community and peer-led organisations in any pandemic.

W3 project

AFAO and AIDS Councils draw on W3 Project to demonstrate contribution to Australia’s HIV response

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations has drawn on the W3 Project and practitioner experience to develop a tailored theory of change showing how AFAO and Australia’s State and Territory AIDS Councils’ distinct approach to health promotion leads to efficient and effective programs, making an important contribution to Australia’s HIV response.

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