The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations has drawn on the W3 Project and practitioner experience to develop a tailored theory of change showing how AFAO and Australia’s State and Territory AIDS Councils’ distinct approach to health promotion leads to efficient and effective programs, making an important contribution to Australia’s HIV response.

“ The Theory of Change highlights the functions of engagement, alignment and adaptation, and shows how AFAO and AIDS Councils fulfill these functions, increasing their influence. While a diagram cannot fully capture the complexity of social change, it is useful for establishing a shared understanding of how change occurs and for identifying early indicators of success.”

AFAO AIDS council theory of change WEB - adapted_Page_4

You can down load the AFAO and AIDS Council Theory of Change  from AFAO’s website here

Eight case studies from across Australia

AFAO and its members have also developed a series of eight case studies to demonstrate the theory of change working in practice.

You can down load the case studies here

This theory of change was developed Alison Barclay Consulting on behalf of Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations. Concepts were drawn from Brown and Reeders (2016) What Works and Why – Stage 1 Summary Report with support from the W3 Project.

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