The W3 Project is really excited to be working with Living Positive Victoria on their new expanded Peer Navigator project.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy made the announcement at the launch of World AIDS Day held at the Doherty Institute on Friday morning. The pilot project will run for 3 years (2018-20) and be led by Living Positive Victoria.

Interim CEO of Living Positive Victoria, Suzy Malhotra, said that harnessing the lived experience of people living with HIV (PLHIV) is significant and should be at the forefront of the HIV response.

Christabel Millar, President of Living Positive Victoria, agrees that this pilot project will make a difference for people at a crucial time in their HIV journey.

“Each person is different but the shared similarities of PLHIV allows individuals to connect on a unique and intimate level that cannot be replicated through other support services,” said Millar.

Graham Brown from the W3 Project added

There is great opportunity for this project to not only provide timely support to people with HIV at key points in their journey, but also gain real time insights into the barriers and enablers for PLHIV. This will be crucial as we strive to end stigma and create a more effective response to HIV. This has great potential to help the whole HIV response reorient and adapt.

W3 Project will be supporting Living Positive Victoria to monitor and enhance the effectiveness of the program to contribute to engagement with PLHIV, alignment across the sector, adapt to evolving experiences of PLHIV, and have stronger influence in the PLHIV community and in policy.

For the full press release from Living Positive Victoria click here

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