The W3 Project took on the challenge to build a deeper understanding of the role peer led programs and their leadership in the response to HIV and hepatitis C. As we move into Stage 2, we have updated the W3 Project blogsite and created two new sections

W3 Project – Stage 1 (2014-2016) which includes:

W3 Stage 1 Reports: providing an overview of the project and the W3 Framework, feasibility trials of the indicators and tools,  detailed methods, and copies of selected tools.

System Diagrams: the detailed descriptions of the system logic diagram and draft indicators developed with the W3 Project partners.

W3 Project – Stage 2 (2016-2019) where we will provide updates as they emerge of the new work with our collaborating partners.


We have also added a section to more clearly house the earlier research work which led to the W3 Project

Thank you again to everyone who has played a role in the project in Stage 1 and we look forward to Stage 2 as we continue to strengthen the role of our peer led programs and leadership

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