Navigating 2020: Rapid Adaptations in HIV Peer Support Services

About the Authors

Sara Graham is the Manager of Peer Support at Living Positive Victoria. She coordinates its Peer Navigation Program and services for women, heterosexual men, and families.

Timothy Krulic is a PhD candidate at ARCSHS. His doctoral research is based on an implementation study of the Peer Navigation Program.

Living Positive Victoria is a peer-based community organisation that supports people living with HIV. The organisation was a pilot site for the W3 Project and established systems to monitor and evaluate its peer programs in collaboration with ARCSHS.

As a result, Living Positive Victoria was well positioned to pivot quickly in response to COVID-19. In this article Sara and Timothy discuss the adaptations its innovative Peer Navigation Program made to support and engage clients throughout 2020.

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Researching peer-led responses — Reflections on 20 years of collaboration, advocacy, and creating change

About the Author

Graham Brown is the Lead Investigator on the W3 Project.

Graham has moved from ARCSHS and is soon starting a new position at the Centre for Social Impact at UNSW. Before he moved, ARCSHS invited him to reflect on his 20 years of collaboration with community and peer-led organisations.

Graham will continue his work with the W3 Project in his new role.

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Building evidence for peer-led responses: From trialling to implementing

Peer-led responses have always responded to change in communities. COVID-19 has shown how quickly peer-led organisations adapt to meet the emerging needs of those in their communities who are most impacted or marginalised.

However, health funding has been re-prioritised in the wake of COVID-19. Resources for peer-led programs are becoming more restricted.

Perhaps more than ever, we need to build evidence for the critical role of community and peer-led organisations in any pandemic.

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